Distance Learning

Global Planners (Planning Tools for the year that targets the elements from the Progression of Learning)
-Secondary Core ESL Global Planners
-Secondary Enriched ESL Global Planners

Online Checklists
-C1-C2-C3 Online Checklists (Tips for planning online tasks)
-ESL Survival Kit (Distance Teaching Checklist for Teachers)

MEES Website
-L’école ouverte
-Trousses pédagogiques du MEES (Weekly activities from spring 2020)

Ideas for Using ICTs in ESL
-Padlet with some Ideas for Using ICTs in ESL, including tools such as Quizlet, Kahoot, EdPuzzle, etc.
-Apps and Websites for ESL Teachers
-Online ESL MIssions for students

Online Books
-Teen Book Cloud Username: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6
-Tumble Books (Sec 1-2)

Récit – Online Resources
-Campus du Récit: Professional development for Teachers
-Récit Webinar – Distance Teaching: Winning Strategies for ESL
-Récit Webinar – C1 Online: It’s Possible!
-Récit Workshop: Utilisation de Microsoft Teams en classe
-Récit Infographics: Best Practices at Home and Videoconferencing Netiquette

TEAMS Professional Development
-Découvrir Teams (CSDM information capsules and resources)
-Récit Workshop: Utilisation de Microsoft Teams en classe
-Teams Video Conference: Basic Functions (Toolbar)
-Teams – Microsoft User Guides

J’enseigne à distance – Formation TÉLUQ
J’enseigne à distance offered by the MEES in collaboration with TÉLUQ. It gives teachers the opportunity to become familiar with the best practices for distance teaching. The presentation is in French, but the English version should be available soon.

Tips for Distance Teaching
-56 idées pour commencer l’école à distance