outline TERM 3

Dear fellow students,

the end of the school year is around the corner! Below, I have included the outline for term 3. This final term is an important one. You need to give it your all. I believe in each and everyone of you…….YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

Week of March 25th

How to write a proper opinion text

Evaluation: written production (The effects of social media on teenagers)

Week of April 1st

Evaluation: reading comprehension

Week of April 8

Oral presentations: anti-bullying awareness videos

Week of April 15

Image Edit Project (multi-média)

Students will be working with CRÉATEUR DE FILM ffDIAPORAMA to create a music video based on a song that has a powerful meaning.

Week of May 6

Final exam preparation

Preparation booklets will be handed out

May 13 to May 24

Final Evaluations (based on preparation booklets):

  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral production

Week of May 27

Poetry: Students will have to write their own Sestina poem

Presentations: Image Edit Project

Week of June 10

Oral production activity