Happy 2016 !

Hello everyone!

I hope the holidays were pleasant and restful for all of you.

Here is an update on the up and coming events before the end of semester ( jan.22 )

Orals on  proverbs ( within the three explained in class).

New set of spelling bee words (10).

Vocabulary and grammar exam based on blue document.

Tongue twister to learn ( prononciation exercise done orally).

Green document ( winter/holidays vocabulary exercises) to hand in for bonus points by the end of the semester.

In February:

We will begin reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

As promised,  we will  begin a personnal gratitude journal ( written production exercises)

I strongly encourage parents to verify their child’s agenda to check specific dates for tests, exams,and oral evaluations.

A wonderful month to all!

Nancy Antonacci



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